Eight verses for Jagannatha

//Eight verses for Jagannatha
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kadacit kalindi-tata-vipina-sangitaka-ravo
jagannathah svami nayana-patha-gami bhavatu me

bhuje savye venuḿ sirasi sikhi-puccham kati-tate
dukulam netrante sahacara-kataksam vidadhate
sada srimad-vrndavana-vasati-lila-paricayo
jagannathah svami nayana-patha-gami bhavatu me

mahambhodhes tire kanaka-rucire nila-sikhare
vasan prasadantah sahaja-balabhadrena balina
subhadra-madhya-sthah sakala-sura-sevavasara-do
jagannathah svami nayana-patha-gami bhavatu me

krpa-paravarah sajala-jalada-sreni-ruciro
rama-vani-ramah sphurad-amala-pankeruha-mukhah
surendrair aradhyah sruti-gana-sikha-gita-carito
jagannathah svami nayana-patha-gami bhavatu me

atharudho gacchan pathi milita-bhudeva-patalaih
stuti-pradurbhavam prati-padam upakarnya sadayah
daya-sindhur bandhuh sakala jagatam sindhu-sutaya
jagannathah svami nayana-patha-gami bhavatu me

para-brahmapidah kuvalaya-dalotphulla-nayano
nivasi niladrau nihita-carano ‘nanta-sirasi
rasanando radha-sarasa-vapur-alingana-sukho
jagannathah svami nayana-patha-gami bhavatu me

na vai yace rajyam na ca kanaka-manikya-vibhavam
na yace ‘ham ramyam sakala jana-kamyam vara-vadhum
sada kale kale pramatha-patina gita-carito
jagannathah svami nayana-patha-gami bhavatu me

hara tvam samsaram druta-taram asaram sura-pate
hara tvam papanaḿ vitatim aparam yadava-pate
aho dine ‘nathe nihita-carano niscitam idam
jagannathah svami nayana-patha-gami bhavatu me



Lord Jagannatha sometimes makes the melodious sounds of playing music and singing throughout the groves on the banks of the Kalindi river. He is like a bumblebee experiencing great delight while tasting the nectar of the lotus-like faces of the cowherd damsels. His lotus feet are worshipped by great personalities such as Lakshmi, Brahma, Siva, Indra and Ganesha. May that Lord of the universe kindly become visible unto me.

In His left hand He holds a flute, upon His head is a peacock feather, and around His hips is a fine silken cloth. From the corners of His eyes, He casts sidelong glances upon His loving companions. He is most fond of the pastimes He conducts while living in Sri Vrindavana. May that Lord of the universe kindly become visible unto me.

On the shore of the great ocean is a large palace that glows with the effulgence of solid gold, and is topped by a towering temple spire that appears to be a blue sapphire mountain. Residing therein along with His mighty brother Balabhadra, and in between Them His sister Subhadra, Lord Jagannatha bestows opportunities for all godly souls to render various devotional services. May that Lord of the universe kindly become visible unto me.

A fathomless ocean of causeless mercy, His beautiful complexion like a cluster of blackish rainclouds, He derives great pleasure by hearing the words of affectionate chastisement from His beloved goddess Lakshmi. His face is like a fully blown spotless lotus flower. He is worshipped by the best of demigods and sages, and His character and activities are glorified in song by the topmost personified Upanisads. May that Lord of the universe kindly become visible unto me.

As the Lord mounts His Ratha-yatra cart and parades along the road, there is a constant accompaniment of loud prayers and songs chanted by large assemblies of saintly brahmanas. Hearing their hymns, Lord Jagannatha is favorably disposed toward them. He is an ocean of mercy, and is the true friend of all the worlds. May that Lord of the universe, along with His consort Lakshmi, who was born from the ocean of nectar, kindly become visible unto me.

He is the ornament adorning the head of para-brahma (the supreme spiritual reality). His eyes are like the blossomed petals of a blue lotus flower, and He resides in the Nilacala temple that resembles a sapphire hill. His lotus feet are placed upon the heads of Lord Anantadeva. He is overwhelmed by the flow of transcendental loving mellows, and He becomes happy only by embracing the luscious divine form of Srimati Radharani. May that Lord of the universe kindly become visible unto me.

I certainly do not pray for a kingdom, nor for gold, rubies, and wealth. I do not ask for an excellent and beautiful spouse, as desired by all ordinary people. I simply pray for that Lord of the universe, whose glories are sung by Lord Siva from age to age, to kindly become visible unto me.

O Lord of the demigods! Please quickly take away this useless material existence I am undergoing. O Lord of the Yadus! Please destroy the boundless accumulation of my sinful reactions. It is certain that Lord Jagannatha bestows His lotus feet upon those who feel themselves humbled and helpless. May that Lord of the universe kindly become visible unto me.