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27 05, 2013

Krishna, The Colour Of The Sky

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I enjoy drawing words from nature for my lyrics, examples like forest clouds, waterfall hair and whirlpool eyes are some that come to mind. So upon reading Srila Prabhupada explain that 'the sky is the colour of Krishna' I was impelled to pen the song 'the Colour of the Sky'.   In Srutakirti Das's wonderful [...]

16 05, 2013

It´s all about the Chanting

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About Radha Krishna Bol I loved this song from the very first time I heard it. It was twenty years ago, when I was brand new to the kirtan world. I was browsing through some cassettes and, without knowing which to choose, I picked up a white one called Bhakti Rasa by somebody called Agnideva [...]

8 05, 2013

First of all, welcome!

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I've been making music since I was a kid and been into Krishna consciousness since I was 21. Now that I'm 42 (yikes!) I've amassed a fair collection of songs, recordings and experiences that I'm ready to share with you. Music can be such a powerful way of raising our spirits and our consciousness and [...]