21 09, 2014

The Kirtaniyas

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They look good and they sound good. A real international kirtan crew who perform modern kirtan with expertise and genuine devotion.  I met up with Vijaya Krsna via the cyberweb for a chat about the group’s history and upcoming plans.   Where in the world are you right now? Right now I'm in Los Angeles, [...]

6 06, 2013

An Audience with Nirantara Das, Veteran of Spiritual Sound

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Last week I was blessed to be granted an interview with devotional music veteran Nirantara Das, a direct disciple of Srila Prabhupada, practitioner and preacher of bhakti-yoga for nearly 40 years. I first heard his music on cassette, back in 1992. Without minding being heard, I would sing his irresistibly catchy tune 'Books' as I [...]